Velux Delivery Policy

Please note - We hold a large amount of Velux products in stock at our Gillingham branch, however some products may need to be specially ordered from the Velux Head Office and will therefore incur a slight delay in delivery. We aim to get your items to you as soon as possible however if time is of the essence for your project then please enquire prior to making a purchase online as to potential delivery wait times.

Direct to site deliveries
Direct to site deliveries (i.e. directly to customers address from Velux) are available and are subject to a standard charge of £30/€35 per order. It is the dealer partner’s responsibility to ensure there is site access, ability to unload and someone on site to sign for the delivery. The signature is accepted by us as valid proof of delivery in the right condition. Failure to meet the criteria may result in this service being withdrawn and/or re-delivery charge being passed on.

Goods that are damaged in transit must be marked on the delivery driver’s paperwork prior to signing for the goods delivered, and reported to VELUX within seven (7) working days of the actual delivery date.
Faults that were not evident during an inspection upon receipt of goods must be reported to VELUX within one (1) month of the delivery date.

Return Policy
To return goods to VELUX, the following conditions must be met:
1. VELUX must be able to inspect and/or collect goods that are to be returned at our dealer partner’s usual premises (or to the address for delivery) prior to the acceptance of the goods for return.
2. Goods will only be accepted for return if the condition of both products and packaging allows for resale.
3. A Return Fee of £20/€25 per item will apply to all returns.
4. A Return Carriage Charge of £30/€35 will apply to goods returned from site. If the supplying dealer can consolidate those returns to a nominated central location this charge will not apply.
5. Return Fees are in addition to the Return carriage charge for goods returned from site. (see example below).
6. Products purchased prior to the commencement of these trading terms are subject to the return policy in place at time of creating the return not at the time of purchase.
7. While awaiting either inspection by VELUX or collection, the dealer partner shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent any damage to the product (including packaging).
8. Transport companies acting on behalf of VELUX will only collect the specific items described on the collection note. No other items will be accepted. VELUX are not responsible for any extra or incorrect items returned.
9. It is the dealer partners’ responsibility to ensure that the items submitted for return are as described to VELUX during all correspondence regarding the return. Any additional costs associated with failure to meet this responsibility may be passed on to our dealer partners.
10. Replacement panes (IPL), component parts of packages or any product with codes beginning “SPECIAL” and made for specific customer requirements will not be accepted for returns.
11. Products to be returned must be advised within four months of delivery of the goods.
12. We do not accept returns on items delivered as part of a buy in campaign that has been awarded extra discount

Example table

Example return 1
1 x VELUX roof window (GGL MK04 2070) 1 x VELUX flashing (EDP MK04 0000).
Collection point – dealer’s own premises.
Total cost = £40/€50 (2 x £20/€25 return fee).

Example return 2
2 x VELUX roof window (GGL CK04 2070) 2 x VELUX flashing (EDW CK04 0000).
Collection point – site collection.
Total cost = £110/€130 (4 x £20/€25 return fee + £30/€35 return carriage charge).